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Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Center is located in Northern Santa Rosa.  We offer meditation programs designed so that  students find peace of mind, happiness and meaning in their lives - from introductory meditation classes to more in-depth, on going Buddhist study programs. Everyone is welcome regardless of  experience level. Check the calendar for our current schedule of classes and pujas (chanted meditations).

January Retreat





JANUARY 16 - 18, 2015

Winter invites us to be still and turn inward. We at Compassion KBC accept the invitation by engaging in spiritual retreat, a way to withdraw temporarily from daily living, to nourish our inner life and reconnect to our deeper self.

This year’s retreat focusses on the initial stages of the path. We will develop a meditative awareness of the spiritual opportunities and pitfalls built-in to this precious life of ours. Subsequently, we will strengthen our inner desire to have the spiritual realizations necessary for a deeply meaningful life. Our goal is to return to our family and friends with a refreshed and centered heart.

Silence is observed Saturday & Sunday, the 17th & 18th, so you can continue contemplating your meditation during the breaks. Quiet conversation can happen outside and at lunch.

The meditations, from pages 256-273 of “How To Understand the Mind” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, will be guided. Feel free to review them before the retreat. Although there will be no teaching, there will be a Q&A Discussion session at the end of the retreat. You may wish to bring a small notebook to remember questions.

In order to receive the most benefit, you are encouraged to attend the complete retreat. The Friday evening session is particularly important.


Fees: $40 Entire Retreat, $25 for 1 day + Friday evening
Snacks provided. You may bring lunch or join us at the Thai restaurant.


Wednesday Night Series









The Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness

"The mind that cherishes others is the supreme good heart.
Keeping such a good heart will result only in happiness for ourself and all those around us."

Our sense that we are an island, an independent, self-sufficient individual, bears no relation to reality. It is closer to the truth to picture ourself as a cell in the vast body of life ~ distinct yet intimately bound up with all living beings. The idea that it is possible to secure our own welfare while neglecting that of others is completely unrealistic. These classes will reveal practical ways we can use this timeless wisdom to create meaning and lasting happiness in our busy modern lives.

This series is based on "Eight Verses of Training the Mind" by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa. It explains how to transform every moment of our life into a step on the path to inner peace, and in particular how to transform all of life’s difficulties into truly liberating experiences.

Wednesdays, 7:00-8:15

Jan.  7     Living in the 21st Century
Jan. 14    A Modern Role Model From the 11th Century
Jan. 21    What is Meditation?
Jan. 28    Preparing for Meditation

Feb.  4     Realizing Your Full Potential
Feb. 11    Finding Fault vs Developing Humility  
Feb. 18    How to Get Out of My Own Way
Feb. 25    I Love You More

Mar.  4     I Am your Protector
Mar. 11    I Wish You Love
Mar. 18    What Goes Around Comes Around
Mar. 25    Defeating Discouragement With Courage
Apr.  1    Taking & Giving: Patient Compassion & Unconditional Love
Apr.  8    The Precious Mind of Bodhichitta
Apr. 15    How Do Things Actually Exist?
Apr. 22    Who is Living Who Will Die?
Apr. 29    I Think Therefore I Am?

May  6     The Emptiness of Me
May 13    Extreme Emptiness
May 20    The Five Forces: A Daily Practice
May 27    Advice From Atisha's Heart

Classes start promptly at 7:00 pm and end at 8:15. Please arrive 10 minutes early to get settled. Thank you.

Fee: $10 per class. $35 per month
The center runs on tax deductible donations and a volunteer staff. Fees apply to expenses like rent, electricity, and publicity.


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